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More With Us—Allied Health is an employment platform for medical staff and professionals (nurses, technicians, assistants, aides, etc.) seeking jobs and medical establishments (clinics, doctor’s offices, dentists, labs, vets, nursing homes, etc.) seeking to hire qualified staff. Our job search and hiring models ensures:


For Employers

Huge and easy quality selection: easily find qualified medical staff and professionals among a huge selection of qualified candidates by using search filters to meet your hiring needs (qualifications, experience, work hours, employment status, location, etc.).

Fast and efficient: immediately find qualified candidates without having to wait many days or weeks for applications to be submitted. All Job Seekers are actively seeking employment and the posted profiles and resumes are very recent. Each Job Seeker profile shows the Last Updated date and time.

Affordable: hire very qualified medical staff and professional at a very reasonable price ($9.99 to $29.99) without the cost of advertising—you pay only after you find the candidate(s) you want to interview and hire. No contract.




For Job Seekers

Visibility: easily make yourself available to a huge number of medical establishments (clinics, doctor’s offices, vets, dentist, labs, nursing homes) across the country seeking to hire qualified staff and professional.

Free and time efficient: easily get hired without spending money or wasting time sending countless job applications to places that will not review them. Show yourself and employers will come looking for you.

Active job search: show employer that you are actively seeking employment each time you log into your profile page --it takes just one minute to login.





More With Us, Inc.

More With Us, Inc. is a jobs and human relations technology company. Our mission is to provide easy-to-use and very affordable technologies for individuals and small businesses/organizations to directly connect with other individuals and small businesses/organizations in order to meet specific mutual needs under their own terms and agreement. We provide a range of products to meet specific needs of individuals and small businesses/organizations (e.g. medical employment/jobs, conflict mediation).