Tips to Getting Perfect Nurse Job

Tips to Getting Perfect Nurse Job

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  • 7 June 2018

A comprehensive resume plays an important role in landing your dream job. It represents and highlights your specific skills, knowledge and educational qualification for a particular job post. When submit your resume for a job, remember to format your document in a standard outline. To create a high quality resume will surely help and it will give guarantee to get your dream job. If you wish to be successful in your job hunting with nursing position, following are the excellent tips you may want to consider when writing your resume. Here you go:


  • Make an objective statement

The objective proclamation is very dynamic especially for nurses. This part of resume should not exceed two sentences; ordinarily this statement uses a concise and professional style of writing. Moreover in the objective statement, you should try to express your professional goals both long term as well as your short term goal.


  • Educational qualification

Apart from inclusion of information such as date of graduation, name and other degree information, you should also mention information about specific grants, academic, honors and fellowships, scholarships which were awarded to you while you’re studying. This tip will help to lend more credibility and impact to a nurse’s resume and employers are more likely to choose a candidate with honors and fellowships compared to any ordinary staff.


  • Highlight your education details, license and certification details

Educational attainment is another important part of your resume that you should highlight. It generally contains the name of the college you attended, year of the graduation, and the course taken. Other license and certification attained is essential as well. Highlight educational honors and extra pursuits.


  • Key skills

Since competition will be aggressive in the nursing sector in years to come. It goes without saying that employees will only be scanning your resume and the first ten seconds will form their impression about you. Hence you need to highlight specific keywords, which illustrate your experience in this segment. Use some bulletin points to highlight experience in specialized niches as well as compliance information and administration of medicine, etc.


  • Enumerate work experience

This is the essential part of your resume. You need to state all your work background comprehensively in a bullet layout. It is advisable to mention the names of each company you have worked with as well as your related job titles. A brief description on each job title you held is important to highlight your broad knowledge in the field. If ever the company or institution is not popular, state a quick description about the goals and vision of the company.


  • Mention your leadership skill

To present your leadership skills and team management potential, you can state the number of employees that you have managed in previous job. For specialized nurses, it is vital to express adequate amount of skill in communicating with other departments, external agencies and medical care experts. Emphasizing your duties and responsibilities as a registered nurse would be helpful, including your strategies in planning, supervising, and monitoring patient care, record keeping, and other routine responsibilities. Provide your extensive experience in pediatrics, oncology and etc. Enumerate accumulated achievements that resulted in the success of your department.


  • Fresh candidates

If you do not have any experience in your segment, then you can mention the information about any clinical rotations you have completed as far as resume writing goes. You can also mention about relevant courses you have attended or studied, which pertain to the niche you are applying it. If you have finished your graduation with higher CGPA scores, then you can mention it in your resume, otherwise there is no need to mention that.


  • Contact information

When you preparing your resume, the first thing you should check is check your contact information. Check well they are accurate. Make sure write your full name, contact number, address and correct email address in your resume. The contact details should be placed in top of your resume, this will helpful for the recruiter if they want to reach you.


  • Length

Many people go overboard in creating resume. They list all the employers, even if the job date is back 25 years. Now, if you held two to three jobs in timeframe. Typically a resume should be no more than two pages. Yes sometimes this is hard to do but the key is using your space well, avoiding over use of sentences, fluff words, personal information, and any other unrelated information. Keep your resume clean and brief for the best reception.


  • Omissions

Omit fluff or needless information in your resume. Omit unwanted information in your resume. Just be careful in providing personal information.

These aspects will help to make resume writing for nursing more effective and get you noticed for prospective job.



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