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 Job Seeker     How Can I Find a Job? 


  1. There is no payment. It is totally free.
  2. Prepare your resume. Do not write your full address on your resume (just write the city and state). If you want, you can also leave out the name of your current employer from your resume. Simply write “Current Employer is “XXXXXX”. Save your resume (e.g. PDF, DOCX).
  3. Sign up as a Jobseeker by clicking on the appropriate tab (e.g. “For Job Seekers” or “I want to be Hired”).
  4. Complete your profile and upload your resume. It will save automatically and post your profile on our website. You can also update your profile at any time you want.
  5. Make sure that you log into the website often so that employers can know that you are actively seeking a job. We recommend that you log in at least once a week. It will take you just one minute to log in. Each time you log in, the time will appear on your profile as “Last Updated: [date and time]”. Employers will see your “Last Update” time. Employers across the country are searching our website to find qualified people who are ready to start work.
  6. Check your emails (including the junk box) and phone messages frequently. Employers interested in your profile and resume will be contacting you at any time to set up an interview and make a job offer.




 Employer     How Can I Find a Qualified Person to Hire? 


  1. You do not need to post a job ad or wait long to find qualified candidates.
  2. You don’t need to create an account or login in order to find and review qualified candidates to work in your clinic or medical establishment.
  3. Simply search (free) recently posted profiles and resumes of qualified medical staff and professionals (Job Seekers) on our website by entering a job title or any keyword. You can also click on “Browse all the Job seekers” to view all the profiles. You can see the last time the profile/resume was updated by looking at the “Last Update: [date and time]” on each profile.
  4. Click on the appropriate filters (e.g. position, education, experience, license) to narrow your search results. You can also search by distance and sort the results by the most recent profiles. To increase your search results, uncheck the filter items or click “Clear Filter”.
  5. Review the profile and resume of any Job Seeker you are interested in. You can see the detailed profiles of each Job Seeker and print/download the person’s profile. This is also free.
  6. If you find a qualified medical staff and professionals (Job Seekers) you want to contact, then register as an employer and pay for one of the job category packages (prices range from $9.99 to $29.99). There is no contract.
  7. As soon you pay for a package, you will be able to see the emails and phone numbers of all the Job Seekers in that job category for two weeks starting from the time you make the payment.
  8. Select your favorite qualified Job Seekers. You can select as many Job Seekers as you want.
  9. Write down and save the emails and phone numbers of all the Job Seekers you want to contact. Also, download the resumes.
  10. Contact your favorite qualified Job Seekers to set up interviews and move forward with the hiring process.




 Employer Membership Packages and Job Categories 


Support Staff  $9.99

Dental  $9.99

Veterinary  $9.99

Behavioral / therapy  $19.99

Technicians and Technologists  $19.99

Nurses and Practitioners  $29.99

Anesthesiologist Assistant


Dental Assistant


Laboratory Animal Caretakers

Athletic Trainer




Dietitians and Nutritionist

Healthcare Support Worker (general)

Dental Hygienist


Veterinary Assistants

Genetic Counselor

Cardiovascular Technologist and Technician

Nurse (Midwife)

Home Health Aide

Dental Technician

Veterinary Technologist and Technician

Health Educator


Clinical Laboratory Technologist

Nurse (Practitioner)

Massage Therapist



Marriage and Family Therapist


Diagnostic Medical Sonographers

Nurses (Registered)

Medical Assistant



Mental Health Counselor

Dietetic Technician

 “Nurse (LPN / LVN)”

Medical Equipment Preparer



Occupational Health and Safety Technician

Emergency Medical Technician and Paramedic


Medical Transcriptionist



Occupational Therapist


Health Technologist and Technician (general)

Orthotist and Prosthetist

Nursing Assistant



Respiratory Therapist


Hearing Aid Specialists


Occupational Therapy Aide



Social Worker


Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologist

Physical Therapist

Occupational Therapy Assistant



Speech Language Pathologist


Medical Records and Health Information Technician

Physician Assistant




Substance Abuse Counselor


Nuclear Medicine Technologist






Ophthalmic Medical Technician


Pharmacy Aide




Psychiatric Technicians


Pharmacy Technician




Radiologic Technologist






Radiology Technician


Physical Therapist Aide




Respiratory Therapy Technician


Physical Therapist Assistants




Surgical Technologist


Psychiatric Aide