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  • More With Us, Inc. is a jobs and human relations technology company.
  • We specialize on meeting the everyday human resources needs of small businesses and the everyday human relations needs of individuals.
  • We provide a range of services to meet specific needs of individuals and small businesses (e.g. conflict mediation, medical employment/jobs).
  • Each of our services is hosted on a separate website to ensure easy access and focus on specific needs.
  • You can easily access each service/website right here by simply clicking on the service you need.


  More With Us - Everyday Jobs         everydayprojobs.com  

More With Us - Everyday Jobs is a hiring and business promotion platform for individuals and small businesses.

  • Jobseeker Individuals (college students, high school graduates, young adults) can easily get hired (restaurants, stores, gas stations, landscaping, etc.) by posting their profile/resume (free).
  • Contract seeker small businesses can easily promote their services to new clients by posting a profile of their business (landscaping, event planning, cleaning, daycare, etc.).
  • Employer small businesses can easily find able and ready employees and contractors for their growing business (restaurants, stores, gas stations, landscaping, etc.).
  • Individuals can easily find helpers and contractors for everyday home jobs (baby sitting, pet care, lawn mowing, cleaning, etc.)


 More With Us - Restaurant Jobs    restaurantprojobs.com 

More With Us - Restaurant Jobs helps jobseekers in the restaurant and culinary industry (cooks, chefs, servers, bar tenders, helpers and managers) find their jobs & we also help restaurants (ethnic, starred, specialty, etc.) easily find qualified staff as per their requirements.


 More With Us—Conflict Resolution & Mediation     workwithmeplease.com  

More With Us--Mediation helps people resolve their personal problems and conflicts with friends and family members through affordable, compassionate, common sense, and discreet mediation based on Good Samaritan ideals.

  • We believe that anyone can benefit from the compassion, experiences, and common sense endowments of a fellow human being.
  • We believe that anyone can be a mediator and help a fellow human being resolve conflicts and regain happiness.
  • We believe that we all can be that discreet Good Samaritan who is going to make a positive impact on the life of a fellow human being.
  • We believe that help should be inexpensive and very affordable for everybody.


 More With Us - Allied Health Jobs     medicalprojobs.com 

More With Us - Allied Health is an employment platform for medical staff and professionals (nurses, technicians, assistants, aides, etc.) seeking jobs and medical establishments (clinics, doctor’s offices, dentists, labs, vets, nursing homes, etc.) seeking to hire qualified staff.