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About Me

Specialties/Fields/Jobs Desired

  • I would like jobs revolving around helping at-risk populations, such as the HIV or LGBTQ population. For example, a Community Health Educator would be right down my alley, as I have worked with the LGBTQ population extensively.

Professional Experience

  • Less than 1 year


  • None

College Degree or Certificate

  • BA

Name of University/College/Institution

  • Loyola University Maryland

My Posted Resume

Current Employment Status

  • Employed outside of my specialty field
  • In school

Interested in a New Job Within the Medical Field Because of

  • Others

Relocating to Another City/State if Hired

  • Yes


  • I do not have a License

Name of My Current Employer is Omitted from My Profile and Resume/CV for Online Privacy

  • Yes

I am Willing to Disclose the Name of My Current Employer if Contacted by a Potential New Employer

  • Yes

MY Work Preferences & Qualifications

Work Preferences

  • Health Educator

Awards and Achievements

  • Founder of LGBTQ Mentor Program

Times I can Work

  • Morning
  • Afternoon
  • Evening
  • Night

Days I can Work

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday

Work Hours

  • Full time

Highest Education Level Achieved

  • Bachelors degree


Salary Expectations

  • $40,000 per year

Name of University/College/Institution

  • Loyola University Maryland

Location of University/College (City)

  • Baltimore

Year of Graduation Degrees

  • 2019

Degrees Awards

  • BA


  • Psychology


  • Gender and Sexuality Studies



  • 3.6

Work History & Professional Development

Work Experience in the Medical Field

  • 1 to 2 years


  • Dental
  • Hospital



  • Well versed with the LGBTQ population. (Have been trained in multiple sessions) Additionally, I work very well within a team atmosphere where ideas are bouncing off of each other.

Professional Development

Employment histories

  • Employer Name:Kennedy Krieger Institute
    Position:Practicum Student
    Start Date:2018-01-20
    End Date:2018-05-03
    Country: United States
    State: Maryland
    Establishment: Hospital
    Main Duties:Assisted the Neurobehavioral Team in establishing baseline and treatment options for patients.
  • Employer Name:Loyola University Maryland
    Position:Desk Attendant
    Start Date:2018-09-10
    End Date:0000-00-00
    Country: United States
    State: Maryland
    Establishment: None
    Main Duties:Assist professors with day-to-day tasks within an office setting, and worked with fellow co-workers to finish these tasks.
  • Employer Name:
    Start Date:0000-00-00
    End Date:0000-00-00
    Main Duties:


  • References available upon request: Yes
  • contact my previous employers at any time: Yes
  • contact my current employer : Yes